Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Obligatory Introduction Post

Admit it. Introduction posts are no fun. Yet here you are reading one, so the joke's on you.

If you've checked out my "About Me" you have probably learned that I am an English major with an emphasis in Publishing Studies and Literature. That means I like to write, and I'll be using this blog as an avenue to do so. Most of the time, this blog will focus on my literary interests -- you'll be able to find book reviews, commentary on contemporary literary issues, and reflections on my student life -- though I anticipate dipping into other topics that spark a thought as well. 

I'm still unsure about how often I'll post here, and I'll try to do so at least weekly or bi-weekly. That said, I don't want to write myself into a corner, so I'll simply do my best to produce as much good content as possible.

Most of my posts will fall in the four to five hundred word range, though I may post the occasional Twitter-style blurb or a long-winded rant. Regardless, I hope the content you find here is engaging and entertaining, and I certainly hope to hear from you in the comments. 

And with that, the introduction post is finally over.  Real content is on the way soon, and I hope you'll stick around and enjoy what you find here. 

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